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As per the legislation of Indian Parliament, India has a number of product certifications or product authorization procedures and several agencies have legal rights to regulate these certifications methodologies. Several of these product authentication marks are provided to various manufacturing organizations prior to launching their products in the market. There are several certifications that are given as advisory status. The Bureau of Indian Standards which is acknowledged as the nationwide standard organization in India holds the authoritative power for providing certifications of industrial products and industrial standardization marks. On the other hand, agencies like Department of Telecommunications ( controlled by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology) are instrumental in accrediting wireless as well as telecommunication products.



1.  Domestic Manufacturers Certification Scheme is offered via below mentioned procedures that include:

  1. Normal Procedure

  2. Simplified Procedure

2. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

1.  Domestic Manufacturers Certification Scheme - Any person applying for BIS license needs to select any one of the below mentioned processes to obtain it:

  1. Normal Procedure - Submission of properly filled application form, relevant documents and fee is mandatory for any production unit that intends to get BIS license. The manufacturing unit should submit these documents to the branch office of its own jurisdiction. After completion of registration process, the BIS personnel will conduct verification procedures to ensure potentiality of the production unit or the applicant to meet the norms of Indian Standard. Parameters like technical proficiency of professionals of that manufacturing organization and its product testing infrastructure are judged as part of this verification process. Both independent checking and on site product sample testing are conducted to judge capability of applicant or production unit. BIS license is provided in case the product sample clears required tests, if the basic assessment of product quality is up to the specified standard of BIS, if the applicant concurs to enforce necessary testing or checking procedure and if the applicant makes payment of requisite fee. In case all the above mentioned procedures are conducted systematically, then the applicant is granted BIS license within a span of four months after registering. It may take six months if the product is licensed to be marketed across in India.

  2. Simplified Procedure - As a part of this procedure, the person applying for BIS license has to register testing documents from designated laboratories with his/her application form. The license is provided if BIS personnel are satisfied with their onsite scrutinizing procedure, if the applicant accepts to impose required checking and testing procedures and when the applicant makes full payment of license fee. Although independent sample testing is an essential part of onsite checking procedure of BIS, yet, this testing is not considered as a prerequisite for approving BIS license. But the test report is used later for review procedure.

2. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme - Manufacturers or applicants located in abroad are given license for ISI authorization under different scheme within duration of six months.

BIS Cumpulsory Registration Schemes (BCRS)

As a prestigious organization, we strive our best to provide all the required assistance from manufacturer's end to register for BIS testing. We make arrangement for conducting product testing in BIS approved testing centers and aid in filling up of necessary documents as a legal representative on the behalf of production units. Providing required supports and assistance for customs clearance is a part of our service. We also clarifies customers' enquiry regarding Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITY) during filling and submission of application form to promote smooth marketing of manufacturer's product into Indian market during BIS registration procedure. Our effective and fast registration process is the blueprint for our success.

After completion of BIS registration, all the registered telecommunication equipment and electronics items are tagged as "Self declaration - Confirming to IS (Standards No.)" prior to their delivery in the market of India.

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