Details for BIS Registration scheme

BIS Registration Rule

Every manufacturer of the product that's identified under Official Gazette of India - Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirements for BIS Compulsory Registration), issued by the Central Goverment of India, shall apply to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for grant of registration for Self declaration.

Application filing rules for BIS Registration

  1. Every application for registration shall be made in Form VI and shall be accompanied by-
    • Self evaluation cum declaration as specified in Form VII; and
    • Test report of sample of product for which application is being submitted.
  2. For every manufacturing unit of the product, falling under the requirements for BIS Compulsory registration scheme, separate registration shall be required.
  3. The applicant shall get the sample of the producted tested from any Approved Laboratory in India recognized by the BIS or any laboratory abroad covered under a mutual recognition agreement with the BIS.
    • The test report, furnished with the application shall not be dated beyond the period of ninenty days as on the date of submission of application for BIS Registration
  4. Every foreign applicant shall set up a liaison office or branch office located in India which shall meet all liabilities and oblications with respect to the Act and the rules and regulations framed thereunder for the purpose of registration:

Grant of Registration

  • The BIS shall scrutinize the application and if the same is in accordance with requirements of the application filing above, BIS registration will be granted
  • Provided that the BIS may reject the application for BIS Registration if it is not in accordance with the application filing rules above.
  • Provided further that no application shall be rejected before giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard and before consideration of the explanation, if any, submitted by him in this regard.

Validity of BIS Registration

  • The BIS registration granted by Bureau of Indian Stanards (BIS), unless renewed or its renewal is deferred, shall lapse at the end of the period for which it is granted.

Certificate of BIS Registration

  • Every Registered User is given a certificate of BIS Registration in the form of BIS Form VIII.
  • Where BIS registraation is granted, it is notified by the BIS on its website, specifying particulars of the registration and the said particulars are entered in a register maintained by the BIS.

Conditions of BIS Registration

  • Every Registered User must display the words 'Self declaration -- Conforming to IS.....' on the product or packaging as the case may be, in a manner so as to be easily visible and where he product cannot be packaged, written on the test certificate relating thereto:
    Provided that no Registered user shall display or make such self declaration unless the product conforms to the relevant Indian Standard.
  • No person other than the Registered User, who is in possession of a valid BIS registration shall make a public claim, through advertisements, sales promotion leaflets, price-lists or the like, that his product conforms to the Indian Standard or make such a declaration on the product.

Market Surveillance

  • Any person authorized by the Central Government or the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) may collect samples of product of a partricular registered user from the market or from the manufacturing unit to check their conformity with the BIS Registration rules
  • The cost of the samples, whether drawn from the registered user or from the market, and their testing charges shall be borne by the registered user.
  • The person authorized by the Central Government of India or the BIS will send the samples so collected, to a laboratory recognized by the BIS or to laboratory abroad covered under the mutual recognition agreement with the Bureau as the case may be, for testing of their conformity to the relevant Indian Standard.
  • The laboratory to which the samples are sent for testing shall send the test reports in respect of products under BIS compulsory registration scheme.
  • If the samples do not conform to the relevant Indian standard, the BIS may take action of Stoppage of Self declaration.

Suspension of BIS Registration

  • A BIS Registration may be suspended by the BIS on request from the registered user, if the operation in his premises can no longer be carried due to:
    • natural calamities such as flood, fire, earthquake etc.;
    • lock out;
    • closure of operations directed by a competent court or statutory authority.

Stoppage of Self Declaration

  • The BIS may, on receipt of information from the Central Government about non-conformity of the product udner BIS Compulsory registration to the relevant Indian Standard as per the test report received during market surveillance, and direct the Registered user to stop the use of Self declaring statements to IS Standard, if it is statisfied that such product is not conforming to the relevant Indian Standard.
  • The BIS may permit resumption of 'Self declaration' by the Registered user, if it is satisfied that the registered user has taken necessary corrective action and sufficient evidence is produced about conformity of the product to the relevant Indian standard.