Initial Production Check Service

What is an Initial Production Check (IPC)?

IPC or Initial Production Check is executed prior to starting of production. This on-site production checking procedure is conducted before 20% completion of any production. As part of this checking method, all the raw materials and equipments are verified to ensure the quality of produced goods. IPC is considered as the basic quality measurement system that indicates steadiness of any production. IPC is effective in protecting reputation of your brand and in avoiding import cost of $309 USD.

Benefits :

The Initial Production Check Service is an indispensable part of any processing plant. This service allows the clients to develop the perspective on various parameters such as marking, production booking, materials, hardware accessible, planning, tooling preparation etc. Under this service, the focus is given to each production stage. The inspection team prepares an intact and detailed inspection report with photographic records. The offered solution allows for an expert orientation before the terminal phase of production. In this way, the quality, safety and confidence are ensured. Initial Production Check Service is needed for the support as well as protection of your brand. The quality checks conducted under our service suffice as the early warning systems, which aim to localize as well as rectify the imperfections of production, during the initial period of production.

Requirement of Initial Production Check :

  • Less chances of disruption in the supply chain
  • Increases the ability to fulfill the quality objectives
  • Confirms that the supplier is ready for the production
  • Provides a clear-cut prospect of the production agenda
  • Enables the identification of different quality risks
  • Significant concern of the quality authority management and risk assessment
  • Reduction in the chances of costly defect

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