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In today's era, customers are not only conscious while buying a product, but after its purchase also. Business services keep the clients' administrative headaches to a minimum by allowing them to spend more time on leading their business to the path of success. This being the reason, we, Ornate Quality Services Pvt. Ltd. emerged in the market in the year 2012. Each of the worker of our Delhi, India based company works closely with the customers for achieving the best results. Using optimum solutions, we render support to the varied array of sectors in order to fulfill their diverse demands. Every company has a support system and the backbone of our business are the founders - Mr. Chetan Sharma and V.P. Sharma , under whose guidance we have climbing ladders of success within such as short period of time.

Understanding Our Endeavor

Our services such as Consultancy Services help companies with the proper framing of strategic decisions and evaluating all the necessary elements required by them for minimizing the decision risk. This approach of using insights and technology in our HACCP Certifiction Services for formulating the vision into output, results in a successful business. Each of the worker, at our company believe that market leadership is entirely based upon the keen understanding of the smaller, but key constituencies – be it your employees or the clients. Its not merely about the things we do, but the way in which they are done to create real value for each of the business we cater services to.

Our Mission

The main mission of our business is to guide companies using the process of strategic change via opting the best kind of services they require. We aim to fulfill this by rendering the best solution to the challenges faced by them and the opportunities posed by technology and globalization. Our role is to serve as a trusted adviser by offering optimum solutions and the way to implement them.

Our Vision

The world we live in is characterized by the accelerating changes. Revolutions in global supply management, life sciences and information technology are continuously changing the way a business is conducted. This being the reason, we emerged in the market to help other companies and businesses adapt lean management by eliminating the wastage of resources and concentrating on continuous improvement. Combining innovative techniques and skills of our professionals, we look forward to continue our excellence in the Third Party Inspection Services.

ORNATE Difference

Our business and services are defined by the bulletined below core values that are an integral part of the identity of this company and through which we differ from others:

  • Honesty: We always opt a practical and objective way to deliver the optimum output that makes us confident enough to be honest to our clients.
  • Ethics: Our business dealings are transparent and ethical in nature because of the balance created by us for the surroundings and success.
  • Creating values: We believe in creating values where interventions turn into real benefits for our esteemed customers.
  • Knowledge: We have been succeeding year by year due to the knowledge and experience of our team members.

Our Clientele

The main priority of our business is not only to satisfy our esteemed customers but to exceed their expectations by rendering top-of-the-line services at economically feasible amount. With our up-to-the-minute machinery and equipment, we are capable of delivering value-optimized services in different industrial sectors. This approach has helped us in establishing long lasting relations with the bulletined below clients:

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