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What is GEM registration?

GEM Registration, also known as Government e-Marketplace Registration, is the process of enrolling as a seller or buyer on the Government e-Marketplace portal. Introduced by the Government of India in August 2016, GEM aims to promote transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness in public procurement. It is mandatory for government offices to procure goods and services through the GEM portal.

GEM provides a fully automated, digital, and cashless system for the purchase and sale of commonly used goods and services. It offers benefits such as transparency, enhanced efficiency, a secure platform, support for the Make in India campaign, and cost savings for the government.

There are two types of GEM Registration: one for buyers and another for sellers. Both buyers and sellers need to register on the GEM portal to participate in the procurement process and carry out transactions with government entities.

GEM Registration enables sellers to list their products or services and make them available for purchase by government departments. On the other hand, buyers can view and respond to government tenders and procure goods and services from registered sellers on the GEM portal. Overall, GEM Registration aims to streamline government procurement processes and create a transparent and efficient marketplace for public purchases.

The Government e-Marketplace (GEM) offers the following facilities:

Listing of Products: Sellers can list their products under specific categories of goods or services that are commonly used by government departments and organizations.

Market place for Common User Items: GEM serves as a marketplace for buying common user items, making it convenient for government buyers to find and purchase required goods and services.

Dynamic Pricing and Comparison: Users can look, estimate, compare prices, and make purchases based on dynamic pricing, ensuring competitive rates for the products.

Online Buying and Selling: GEM enables online buying and selling of goods and services as per the requirements of government entities.

Single Window System: GEM acts as a single window system, aggregating demands and streamlining the ordering process for government procurement.

Transparency: GEM ensures transparency in the procurement process, promoting fair and open competition among sellers.

Low-Value and Bulk Buying: GEM facilitates both low-value and bulk buying at competitive prices through reverse auction or e-bidding.

Vendor Rating System: The portal has a vendor rating system that allows buyers to evaluate and choose reliable sellers based on their past performance.

User-Friendly Dashboard: GEM provides a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies, payments, and buying or selling activities.

Return Policy: The platform includes a return policy that allows users to address any issues with products or services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of GEM Registration?

The benefits of GEM (Government e-Marketplace) Registration are as follows:

Access to a Wide Market: GEM Registration provides sellers with access to a vast market of government departments and agencies. This opens up new business opportunities and expands their customer base, potentially leading to increased sales and revenue.

Increased Visibility: By being registered on the GEM portal, sellers gain visibility and exposure to government buyers actively seeking products and services. This exposure can enhance the chances of securing government contracts and long-term partnerships.

Fair and Transparent Competition: GEM Registration promotes fair competition among sellers, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. This transparency fosters healthy market competition, leading to improved quality, competitive pricing, and innovation in goods and services.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: GEM Registration facilitates a more efficient procurement process by eliminating the need for traditional paperwork, manual tenders, and multiple negotiations. This digital platform helps reduce administrative costs and streamlines the entire procurement cycle.

Support for Make in India: The GEM Registration system aligns with the Make in India initiative, which encourages local manufacturing and businesses. By participating in GEM, sellers can contribute to the growth of the Indian economy and showcase their products and services to government buyers.

Simplified Payment Process: GEM Registration facilitates secure and timely payments to sellers through the integrated Government e-Payment Gateway. This ensures prompt payment for delivered goods and services, improving cash flow for sellers.

Why GEM Registration is required?

GEM Registration is required for the following reasons:

Access to Government Market: GEM Registration enables sellers to participate in the Government e-marketplace, giving them access to a vast market of government departments and agencies.

Credibility and Authenticity: GEM Registration ensures that registered sellers are credible and authentic businesses, promoting trust and reliability in government procurement.

Fair Competition: By requiring sellers to register, GEM promotes fair competition among participants, creating a level playing field for all vendors.

Transparency and Accountability: GEM Registration enhances transparency and accountability in the procurement process, ensuring that all transactions are traceable and auditable.

Streamlined Procurement: The registration process helps streamline the procurement cycle by eliminating paperwork and simplifying the purchasing process for government buyers.

Support for Local Businesses: GEM Registration aligns with the government's objectives of supporting local businesses and promoting the Make in India initiative.

Cost-Effective Procurement: GEM facilitates cost-effective procurement by providing a competitive marketplace for government buyers to find the best deals.

Who can get GEM Registration?

GEM Registration is open to the following entities:

Sellers: Any business or individual interested in selling goods or services to government departments and agencies can apply for GEM Registration.

Service Providers: Companies or individuals providing various services to government entities are eligible to get GEM Registration.

Manufacturers: Manufacturers of goods and products, whether large-scale or small-scale, can obtain GEM Registration to supply their products to government buyers.

Dealers: Dealers and distributors of goods can also register on the GEM portal to offer their products to government procurement.

Eligibility Criteria for GEM Registration

The eligibility criteria for GEM Registration are as follows:

Business Entity: Must be a legal business entity in India.

Valid PAN and GST: Should have a valid PAN and GST registration.

Relevant Business Category: Engaged in selling goods or services relevant to GEM categories.

Compliance: Must comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Documents for GEM Registration

Documents required for GEM Registration:

  • PAN Card and Aadhar Card
  • GST Certification
  • Email ID and Mobile Number
  • Details of Bank Account
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last three years
  • MSME Certificate (if required)
  • Other relevant documents as needed.

  • Who can issue the GEM Registration?

    GEM Registration is issued by the Government e-Marketplace (GEM) itself. The Quality Council of India (QCI) may be involved in quality inspection and certification of products or services offered by sellers on the GEM platform. However, the issuance of GEM Registration is solely under the authority of the GEM portal, which is managed by the Government of India.


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