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CCOE Certification

Located in New Delhi, India, we are instrumental in accrediting CCOE Certification in order to ensure safety and security of public as well as property against fire since our establishment in 1898. The job of CCOE Certification involves lot of physical as well as mental effort that may sometimes prove to be tiresome for the professionals engaged in it. Hard work is needed for successful completion of this job right from submission of documents to final execution of actual certification procedure. As a customer oriented organization, we assure our clients about on time clearance of applied certification in a coherent manner. We guarantee our clients regarding maintenance of standard quality of provided services. CCOE PESO Certification, please contact us: Ornate Quality Services, Phone: 011-41400596, Mobile: +919266333338, Email:

PESO Approval

Our dedicated and competent professionals enable us to complete assigned PESO Approval Services with success.

PEPSO serves as an authorized organization to guarantee safety regarding import, relocation, production, export, marketing, purchasing and application of compressed gases, petroleum based products and flammable products by generating SMPV (U) 1981 and Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 norms.


Specific documents are needed to get these certification and approval. These include:

  • Location and name of applicant organization and its profile
  • Every minute detail regarding its customers in the arena of petrochemical and petroleum arena
  • Product name for which approval and certification is needed
  • Copy of certificates of conducted tests that have been done in accordance with global norms
  • Technical details of the equipments in brochure form
  • Quality assurance notification copy
  • Short introduction about its mechanism, design, application type, operating features and electrical attributes etc
  • Copy of purchase order, inquiry etc for installation of specific product in hazardous working environment of petroleum field.
  • The applicant organization needs to submit applications with passport size photogram and a demand draft of Rs 500 which needs to be drawn in favor of chief controller of Explosive s products. The draft should be payable at Nagpur.
  • Submitted application is either granted within 2 months of its receiving or is rejected by citing specific reasons.
  • Time and date of interview are informed to applicant organization after receiving full application.
  • Work experience and qualification of technical personnel are verified prior to interview. Importance is given on checking whether they are eligible to appear in interview as per Appendix II of SMPV (U) rules, 1981 or not.
  • The interview board comprises of 3.4senior officials of PESO. During interview, verification of knowledge of applicant regarding global and national codes, procedures, rules and safety needs are done.
  • The approval is granted by the Chief Controller of Explosive when the applicant provides satisfactory answers during interview.

Processing Duration

This approval can be obtained within 3 months from the date of submitting documents.

For CCOE PESO Certification, please contact us: Ornate Quality Services, Phone: 011-41400596, Mobile: +919266333338, Email: Contact us

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