Pre Shipment Inspection Service

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)?

Systematic strategy taken as a part of Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) helps to save around $309 USD import cost of produced products. PSI is executed when the most part of production work is done. This inspection service assists you to identify as well as rectify any production fault from all the ordered batches of produced goods prior to their packing.

ORNATE Inspection which is a renowned quality controlling organization adopts statistical sampling method of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1 for executing all sorts of inspection works. This specific sampling procedure includes parameters like dimension, life span or longevity, practicality, efficiency and basic appearance. The certificates of inspection are provided in case it is specified in the documentary credit.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Expertise

The inspection personnel of AI are instrumental in using suitable sampling procedures for selection of products from lots to conduct pre-shipment checking. They execute this inspection process as per the norms of the destination market of the customers or according to the quality standards of clients. This inspection service is regulated on the basis of standards like efficiency, longevity, practicality, dimension and general appearance.

For a systematic and safe supply chain, an adaptable and trustworthy quality controlling procedure has significant role. The product inspection professionals of our organization are trained constantly in their relevant arena that covers food, hardlines, softlines and other required fields. They are given training on proper way of using numerous tailor-made product checklists for different categories of products.

Why Get a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

The Pre-Shipment Inspection work done independently by a third party ensures completion of customer's order prior to the final delivery of any product. There is no doubt about potentiality of business growth in international business domain, but there are risks associated with it. Special care needs to be taken regarding meeting of client specified criteria especially when one is working with foreign supplier. Any error in order filling can lead to loss in business.

Verify whether your order has been filled properly or not prior to its final delivery.

Check the quality of products in production unit and do not make payment for faulty or distorted products.

Confirm whether the supplier with whom you are working with has provided goods as per provided details or not.

Try to adopt required business strategy to avoid complications associated with imports of goods.

Avert exchange of dispatched goods to safeguard reputation of your brand image.

The OQ Benefits

Why ORNATE Inspection
  • Pricing that covers entire elements of packaging
  • Qualified inspection personnel is sent onsite within two days of ordering service [1]
  • Audit reports are provided on the very day when the inspection professional visits site[2]
  • Services can be scheduled via online.

Your Eyes in the Supply Chain!® - We have required license and certification to work as an autonomous quality checking organization. We aim to safeguard the brand image of your product in global business arena.

Manage Your Quality Control Process Online - We assist our customers to open account at free of charge, to program their inspections via online, to take required measurement for trouble free payment of ordered service and to get electronic inspection report without any difficulty.

Safer - ORNATE Inspection adopts uncompromising attitude to meet global regulatory and safety standards while conducting its inspection procedures.

Speed and Flexibility - We assure our clients about our presence in any factory located in ORNATE within two days of receiving order of inspection service.[2] Customers can adjust or even cancel their orders till four PM ( as per China time) before the scheduled day of inspection.

Comprehensive Inspection Reports - Almost 80% of the inspection report is provided on the inspection day. Our detail inspection report covers detailed images to maintain transparency.