BIS Certification Process


(Bureau of Indian Standards - BIS)

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of consumer goods. There are 63 Electronics and IT Goods, 5 Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components (notified by Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy), and 8 Low – Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear (notified by Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises) under ‘Compulsory Registration Scheme’ for Self Declaration of conformity-Notified by Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology - Govt. of India, which should mandatorily be marked with BIS Standard Safety mark before they are manufactured, imported or sold in the Indian market.

How to get BIS Certified?

The Bureau of Indian Standards Certification is granted by BIS office after successful safety testing of the product as per notified Indian Standard and furnishing of necessary documents.

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Important Information about BIS Certification

The Mandatory Product List for BIS Registration

Below is given the List of 76 products categories that are identified by, Government of India: 63 (sixty three) goods categories notified by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), 5 (five) goods categories notified by Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), and 8 (eight) goods categories notified by Ministry Of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises (MHIPE) which requires BIS Certification registration under compulsory registration scheme of Bureau of Indian Standards and is applicable to all Domestic as well as Foreign Manufacturers: View / Download

BIS Registration Process in India

The procedure of BIS Registration is divided in 7 Stages

Stage 1

In the first stage, the applicant (manufacture) first of all needs to register on the “BIS Portal” and create Login Id and Password.

Stage 2

In the second stage, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to select a BIS approved Test Lab and create a test request.

Stage 3

In the third stage the applicant (manufacturer) needs to submit sample product to the selected Lab.

Stage 4

In fourth stage, after testing of the product, the applicant (manufacturer) receives the notification of Lab along with Test Report Number.

Stage 5

In the fifth stage, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to login with their login credentials and upload the test report by selecting the Test Request reference.

Stage 6

In the sixth stage, the applicant (manufacture) needs to make the fee payment online along with submitting the documents and other details.

Stage 7

In the seventh stage, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to submit an affidavit to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) by post.

BIS Registration Cost and Timeline for Electronics and IT Products

BIS Registration Cost

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BIS Registration Timeline

For new model product: 15-20 working days – provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

For products model that are already available in the Indian market it takes 10-15 working days – provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

BIS Registration Cost and Timeline for PV Modules (CRS)

PV Modules Certification Timeline

For PV Modules Categories

50 to 60 days

For Inverters Categories

25 to 50 months

For Storage Battery Category

25 to 50 days

It can take even more less time, provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

PV Modules Certification Cost

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Required Document List for BIS Registration

First, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to provide samples along with the Technical Details of the Product for testing in the Lab. The information provided should be all about manufacturing / fundamental details of the product like PCB Layout, Schematic Diagram, User Manual and Critical Component List (CCL) (CCL Format: View or Download).

Second, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to provide the documents and information related to the manufacturing factory unit to process the BIS certification application form. The details provided should be all about general information about the manufacturing factory unit like registered address proof, factory’s manufacturing license’s copy, trade mark registration certificate copy (if any), IS 9001 certificate copy (in case, if the certificate is not yet taken, then management chart of factory (such as top management and quality assessment team), machinery and equipment(s) list, and in case of foreign manufacturer, documents of authorized Indian Representative (AIR) must be submitted.

BIS Registration Products Series Guidelines

In one application for BIS registration, maximum 10 similar models (series prototypes) of a single brand are allowed to be processed collectively on condition that all prototypes fall in series parameters. Merely Set Top Box are allowed to have different brands of 10 series models in a single BIS Certification application. And battery and cell may have up to 230 series models 1 + 19. To see the series guidelines, click here to View or Download.

BIS Registration Guidelines for Importers and Traders

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) does not issue BIS Certificate to Importers or Traders, BIS Certificate is issued only to manufacturing factory unit (the manufacturing applicant) and no Importer or Trader is granted the BIS Certification in their own name.

Although, BIS Certification is not granted to Traders and Importers, however, they (the Trader or Importer) may apply for the BIS certification of their intended product only on behalf of their concerned manufacturing unit before placing their order for the electronic products falling under BIS Compulsory Certification Scheme. They (the Trader or Importer) may become the Indian Representative for a foreign manufacturing unit (factory) and get the license.

The Trader or Importer may also request his manufacturing unit (manufacturer) to get the BIS Certification license in their own brand name.

BIS Products List Exempted from BIS Registration

If someone is manufactures or imports the product which are covered under BIS Cumpulsory Registration Scheme list and their product meets at least one of the following conditions – (1) Equipment Powered by Three phase power supply, or (2) Equipment Powered by Single phase power supply with current rating exceeding 16 Ampere, or (3) Equipment with dimensions exceeding 1.5 m x 0.8 m, or (4) Equipment with weight exceeding 80 kg. And also, he/she is importing or manufacturing less than 100 unit a year.

In such case as given above the BIS Certification will not be applicable on their product. E.g., if he / she imports 65” LED TV whose dimension exceeds 1.5m x 0.8m and the quantity is less than 100 units a year, in such cases, the BIS Registration will not be applicable on this product. He or she merely needs to give the "Self Declaration" letter to the customs for the clearance.

Types of Business Licenses Accepted BIS for BIS Registration

Business License without business scope as manufacturing or production will not be accepted by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). BIS makes it mandatory to have only the specified type of Business License as an eligibility parameter to be able to obtain a BIS Certification License., the same is given below:

» Business License should be issued by Government Authority.

» The Word “Manufacturing” or “Production” must be mentioned in Business Scope of the entity.

» If the language of the business license or the business scope is in a language other than the English Language then the translation of the same has to be provided in English Language while keeping the format same and the same has to be submitted along with copy of original license.

» Both the copies - original and the English one must be signed and sealed by the applicant.

In case, if the word “Manufacturing” or “Production” is not mentioned in business scope or in license then any Government issued certificate having mention of the word(s) “Manufacturing” or “Production” such as in ISO Certificate, Tax Registration, etc. of the same factory can be provided along with copy of business license as factory proof, to view a sample copy, click here: View / Download

BIS Guidelines for Marking Label

As per the guidelines by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the “Marking Label” must be clearly visible on every product. The Marking Label should be printed on the product in such a way which does not get removed easily, does not get washed off or scratched by normal efforts. It is mandatory to stamp or print marking label on the product. A metal plate having the below mentioned information inscribed on it is also considered one of the good way of “Marking Label.”

» The Marking Label of Product must contain the following information:

» Brand Name

» Name of Product (Category)

» Model Number

» Power Rating (Input / Output)

» Name of Manufacturer

» Made in Country Name (Such as Made In India, Made in USA etc.)

Note: The other information on marking label remain optional and may be mentioned as per products’ specific needs.

Marking Label samples for your reference are given here, (the Brand Name in the sample is “ONT”):Know More

Fixing BIS Logo on Product

Every Manufacturer must put the BIS Logo on all products and packaging after receiving the BIS Certification Number for his/her particular product (prototype). Here is given the complete guidelines for affixing BIS logo on product, Click here to Know More

Fixing of BIS Logo on Product and Packaging

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory that BIS Logo must be fixed on every registered product and packaging after getting the BIS Registration Number for that exact product. The logo should be irremovable and non-washable. Stamping or printing the logo on product or packaging is a better way of affixing the BIS log. The logo must be clearly visible. And fixing the logo on marking label or close to it is always considered a better option. No product can be sold, exported or imported to India without BIS logo and BIS number having affixed on it.

BIS Logo must contain the following information:

» IS Standard Number

» Icon (BIS)

» Registration Number

» URL of BIS Website (

The Logo guideline has been defined by BIS Office, please click here to: View / Download

The samples of the same is given below for your reference: click here to Know More

BIS Sample Testing Return Policy

As per BIS Sample Testing Return Policy, the applicant (manufacturer) must take the tested sample back after 3 months and before 4 months from the date of issuance of product test report. In case, the tested sample is not taken back by the applicant, the lab reserves the rights to destroy the sample and no claim will be accepted after that. Additionally, the sample may get partly or fully damaged in the process of testing, for which neither the Lab nor Ornate Quality Services should be held responsible for the same. Know More

BIS Certificate Format Sample

A sample copy of BIS Certificate is given below for your reference, click here to: View

BIS Certificate Validity and Renewal

BIS Registration Certificate is valid for 2 years which can be renewed afterward. For renewal of license, the licensee shall have to apply to BIS three months in advance before expiration of the license and application form for renewal is available on BIS website. There will requirement of some documents and fees to get renewal. In case of renewal, the testing of sample is not required. click her to Know More

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